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Technical Event Staffing Excellence

Event Staffing

We understand all aspects of the industry. We’ll determine your event staffing needs in your initial request.

Video Technicians

Our Video Technicians have excellent knowledge of the latest in switching, graphics and camera technologies.

Audio Technicians

Our team of Audio Techs are experienced in venues from stadiums to ballrooms and all sizes in between.

Lighting Technicians

From large rigs with movers to ground supported ambient lighting, our Lighting Techs shine.

Network Technicians

Our Network Technicians will keep your virtual meeting or speaker ready room up and running. Windows, Mac, LANs, VPNs, we've got you covered.

AV Assists

When you book a V2, A2 or L2 through us, you'll get a tech who is deeply experienced in his department.


From general labor to carpentry to set building, our Stagehands will support your fundamental show needs.

Project Managers

Experienced industry managers who will coordinate scheduling, placement and execution of your event.

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